Banish First Tee Golf Nerves Using This Powerful NLP For Golf Technique Anyone Can Do

Banish First Tee Golf Nerves Using This Powerful NLP For Golf Technique Anyone Can Do

What would it be like if you could get control of your nerves when stepping onto the 1st tee or on any other shot or nerve control 911 time you need that nerve control? Welcome to my IDC – Image Driven Conditioning – Series.

Would you play better, more confident Golf? Would you enjoy playing the game more? If you had that control now what would it mean to you?

The Visual Swish is a powerful NLP for Golf (Neuro Linguistic Programming) tool to break down negative anchors and install positive self image states for improved mental and physical performance.

Here is the Visual Swish technique for golf process. Either read and learn the process or have another person work with you to read and guide you through the steps. You should be in a quiet place where you will not be disturbed, preferably seated in a comfortable position. This is an EYES CLOSED exercise which is why you must learn the steps or have someone read them out to you as you complete each exercise.

  1. Identify the unwanted behaviour, such as nerves on the 1st tee or at any other time. Make a visual image in your mind that represents yourself in that nervous state. The image should be like a still photo in full colour. You could see yourself on the tee, or perhaps it is a face view of yourself with nervous tension in your face muscles. Think about this and get a visualisation that is a good representation of you experiencing this unwanted emotion, feelings, behaviour. Now shrink this image down into a tiny dot or square in the corner of your internal view. Your internal view should now be blank other than this tiny spot in a corner that is the waiting image.
  2. Now create a visual representation of your desired behaviour. Think carefully how you would like to feel, think and behave in the situation you are changing. If it is 1st tee nerves perhaps you see yourself feeling calm and confident with complete control over your nerves. Make a bold full colour still image that represents this fantastic you. Now shrink this image down tiny and place it in another corner of your vision. You now have a blank internal field of view with two small dots in the corners representing the unwanted condition and the new desirable condition.
  3. Now, still with your eyes closed, I want you to enlarge the picture of your unwanted behaviour so that it fills your entire field of view, bright and full colour. You may begin to feel the nerves or feelings associated with this image, and it is OK if you just feel good more and more.
  4. Now, Very Quickly in less than a second expand the image of the new desirable behaviour and feelings and let this new image of you completely block out the old behaviour image. You may now begin experiencing the good feelings associated with this new you.
  5. Hold the image of the new you, acting and feeling the way you want to, big and filling your entire mind for a few seconds and then OPEN YOUR EYES. This is called breaking state as you look around the room, think of something completely unrelated and come back to normal thus ending the swish cycle.

It is now very important to repeat these 5 steps at least 6 times, increasing the speed each time. Repeat the process once or twice a day until you are achieving the results you want on the golf course.

Have fun and please feel free to let me know how you get on or ask any questions.

You can download a FREE EBook on this process which goes into even more detail at my website. To find out more about the mental game of golf and how to easily apply principals such as visualisation, focus of attention, targeting and many others that will dramatically improve your golf results and enjoyment of the game now go to.

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